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Welcome to the home page of HeronConservation. 
HeronConservation is the world’s leading body of scientific, practical, and conservation expertise on the biology, status and conservation of the herons (Ardeidae) of the world. It is an interactive global network of heron specialists, conservationists, biologists, and resource managers. We are the Heron Specialist Group of IUCN and are the principal advisor to those organizations and others on the status and conservation of herons.

The goals of HeronConservation are to promote and secure the conservation of herons and their necessary habitats worldwide. It accomplishes this in part by: networking among specialists, including through this website, joint projects, and periodic meetings; identifying and encouraging biology and conservation projects; synthesizing information on heron biology, conservation and literature; conducting population-level conservation assessment and advising the IUCN on species conservation assessment; advising the RAMSAR Convention on wetlands and Wetlands International on heron population status; advising resource managers on heron conservation; and developing conservation action plans. The group is over 25 years old, and has a history of accomplishment in specialist networking, technical and conservation synthesis, species and population conservation assessment, project identification, and other activities central to its mission of conserving the herons of the world.

You are invited to use this website, and to contribute to it. Please cite information used as: “HeronConservation, day, month, year, www.heronconservation.org”.

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