The IUCN-SCC Heron Specialist Group

Journal of Heron Biology and Conservation
Volume 8 (2023)

History of the Reddish Egret International Working Group and Conservation Planning for the Species

M. Clay Green

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Identification of potential hybrids between Malagasy Pond Heron (Ardeola idae) and Squacco Heron (A. ralloides) based on photos

Jacek Betleja

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Citizen science updates on the occurrence and conservation of herons in Paraguay

Alberto Yanosky, Rebeca Irala and Tatiana Galluppi

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Seasonal Distribution of the Cocoi Heron (Ardea cocoi) and Great Egret (Ardea alba) in Southern South America: Evidence for Partial Migration

Floyd E. Hayes, Lian H. Nakamura, Nathan B. Hiss and Patricia Capllonch

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