The IUCN-SCC Heron Specialist Group

Conservation Tools & Resources

HeronConservation facilitates the study and conservation of herons by providing standardized methods and other resources. These are described below, with links to further information. You are encouraged to bring additional tools and resources to the attention of HeronConservation by communicating with the Co-chairs or Steering Committee Members.

Censuses and Surveys - Heron Count Protocols: Standardized methods for counting and monitoring heron populations.

Heron Behavioral Terminology - Standardized terminology for naming heron behaviors.

Species List and Species Accounts - Herons of the World: Heron Specialist Group list of the heron species of the world and species accounts for each.

Action Plans - Global, regional and specialized plans for conservation of herons and other waterbirds.

Conservation Assessments - Recognized assessments of conservation status, population estimates, and important areas.

Heron Bibliography - The Bibliography of the Herons of the World is a historical bibliography through 2011, designed to provide reference for articles not easily available elsewhere.

Methods and Tools - Methodologies for monitoring, research and conservation.

Heron Forums and Internet Resources - On-line resources for heron conservation.