The IUCN-SCC Heron Specialist Group

Action Plans

Heron conservation is best organized through conservation action plans. The principal plan for herons is Conserving Herons.  You are encouraged to use this Plan in developing actions for heron conservation, especially the high priority actions that are outlined in the Plan. Published in 2007, this plan reflected needs and identified actions as of that time. It is important that such Plans continue to evolve and grow. You are invited to assist in this process, by submitting comments, new information, or completion reports regarding the various actions or to propose additional Projects. Comments and proposed new Projects may be submitted to the Global Chair.

Action plans are particularly valuable when focused on individual heron species or conservation populations, or for a region, or for a suite of birds of which herons are a part.  Such plans are able to identify specific actions and resources to accomplish conservation action on the ground.  A number of regional and species action plans have been and are in development.  Some of these plans can be accessed through the links, below. You are encouraged to bring other plans to the attention of HeronConservation so they too can be linked. Contact one of the Co-chairs or a Steering Committee Member.

Global Conservation Plan

Regional Conservation Plans

Species Conservation Plans