The IUCN-SCC Heron Specialist Group

Working Groups

Much of the planning, facilitation, and coordination of conservation will be undertaken by species and geographic working groups. These groups are self-organizing, connecting to the Specialist Group in whatever ways are appropriate to them. The Specialist Group in turn will encourage and assist the working groups as it is able. Working groups will also be tasked with some of the important activities of the Group itself. At present there are four working groups.

Communications Working Group, chaired by Rob Clay, is responsible for all technical and topical communications within the Specialist Group and with outside entities. This includes the website, Facebook page, other social media, and the journal. The working group is also responsible for communications on technical matters with IUCN, BirdLife and Wetlands International and for communications with other potential partner organizations. Working group member John Brzorad will explore opportuities for outreach to educators. Rob Clay - ; John Brzorad -

Captive Populations Working Group, chaired by Catherine King, coordinates the Heron Specialist Group with the zoo community worldwide on captive husbandry, ex situ, and in situ conservation. Cathy King -

Agami Heron Working Group, chaired by Anna Stier, has completed a conservation plan for the species. Anna Stier -

Reddish Egret International Working Group, chaired by Troy Wilson, was organized in 2005. It has conducted a status assessment in 2006 and completed a Conservation Action Plan in 2014. Clay Green serves as the Heron Specialist Group’s liaison. Troy Wilson - ; M. Clay Green -

White-bellied Heron Working Group, chaired by Gemma Goodman-Hattie, has sponsored a range-state conference and created a species review and conservation plan for the species.  Gemma Goodman - 

Madagascal Pond-heron International Working Group, cordinated by Rivo Rabarisoa, was established under the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) for the Africa-Eurasian flyway. Rivo Rabarisoa -