The IUCN-SCC Heron Specialist Group

Herons of World-wide Conservation Concern (2021)


Tuseday, November 9 (Time is shown in EST)
Herons of World-wide Conservation Concern (Chairs: Chip Weseloh and Clay Green)
09:00 Indra Acharja [Plenary] Saving the critically endangered White-bellied Heron from extinction: two decades of conservation efforts and the way forward
10:00 Gemma Goodman A coordinated response to the plight of the White-bellied Heron (Ardea insignis)
10:20 Yumlam Benjamin Bida Setting up protocols to monitor the Critically Endangered White-bellied Heron, Ardea insignis, with focus on threats to the species in the changing landscapes around Namdapha Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh, India
10:40 Samiran Patgiri Observations and conservation implications of a newly discovered White-bellied Heron nesting site in India
11:00 Pema Khandu Nest predation of the critically endangered White-bellied Heron, Ardea insignis, by Masked Palm Civet Paguma larvata in Bhutan
11:20 Rivo Rabarisoa Habitat requirement of the Madagascar Pond-heron, Ardeola idea, in Madagascar
11:40 Rivo Rabarisoa Current status of the Madagascar Heron, Ardea humbloti (Milne-Edwards and Grandidier, 1885), in Madagascar
12:00 - 13:20 Student-Mentor Meet up
13:20 Stephanie Tyler An update on the status of Slaty Egrets in southern Africa
13:40 Matthew Herring Targeted water management is key to recovery of the Australasian Bittern
14:00 Clay Green Reddish Egret Conservation: A 15-year history of the Reddish Egret International Working Group
14:20 Oscar Aldana Ardila Agonistic behavior between Reddish Egrets Egretta rufescens in Northern Columbia
14:40 Deborah Chen Observations of the largest known breeding colony of Agami Herons at Tapiche Reserve in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon
15:00 Alberto Yanosky Update of the conservation status and distribution of herons in Paraguay
15:20 Diego Cisneros-Heredia Overview on the diversity, biogeography and conservation of Herons in Ecuador
15:40 James Kushlan Overview and wrap-up of Herons of World-wide Conservation Concern
16:00 Clay Green An Open Discussion of the Heron Specialists Group (HSG) of the IUCN