The IUCN-SCC Heron Specialist Group

The 1st Herons of the World Symposium (2016)
in New Bern, North Carolina, U.S.A.


Wednesday, September 21
Symposium: Herons of the World (Chairs: Chip Weseloh and Clay Green)
10:00 Harebottle, Doug HeronryMAP:Africa — mapping the distribution and status of ardeid breeding colonies in Africa
10:20 Rabarisoa, Rivo The new status of the two endangered heron species, the Madagascar Heron and the Madagascar Pond Heron
10:40 Lee, Eun-Jae Current status, ecological characteristics and conservation of Family Ardeidae in natural and disturbed forests of urban area, Korea
11:00 Senner, Paul Response of avian communities to water management in the floodplain grassland of Mekong Delta
11:20 Sundar, K. S. Gopi Abundance and distribution patterns of two heron species in multiple agricultural landscapes of south Asia
11:40 Mondal, Himadri Sekhar Foraging strategy and prey-handling time in White-bellied heron in Namdapha Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh, India
12:00 Toquenaga, Yukihiko Collective colony formation algorithm
12:20 Riegner, Mark F. Morphological trade-offs and recursive plumage patterns as indicators of integrated evolutionary dynamics in the Ardeidae
12:40 Durham, Sarah Distribution and temporal trends of Western Reef Heron populations along the Arabian Gulf Coast, UAE
13:00 LUNCH
14:30 Yanosky, Alberto Conservation status of herons in Paraguay: future scenario in face of accelerated habitat degradation
14:50 Ruiz-Guerra, Carlos Herons in Colombia: status, knowledge gaps and conservation
15:10 Stier, Anne From ARGOS to conservation: reporting 4 years of action for Agami Heron
15:30 Herring, Matthew Rice fields support the largest known breeding population of the endangered Australasian Bittern
15:50 Fasola, Mauro Dry rice paddies cause a decline of the breeding herons and egrets in Italy
16:10 Green, M. Clay A decade of Reddish Egret research: looking back and moving forward
16:30 González, Alieny Characterization of Ardeid assemblages on the southern coast of Cuba
16:50 Gawlik, Dale E. Representing hydrologic variability in heron models: key processes for wetland ecosystem management
17:10 Brzorad, John Patterns of annual habitat utilization, spatial distribution and migration by Great Egrets
Thursday, September 22
Herons Workshop (Chairs: John Brzorad and Cathy King)
09:50-12:10 Introduction; Kushlan (5 min)
Part I: Communication & structure HSG
Brief explanation of Heron Specialist Group (HSG) and Strategic review; Green (15 min)
HSG questionnaire :who’s a heronphile now?; Brzorad (10 min)
Heron-related working groups: structure, objectives, successes and challenges; 7 group representatives (60 min)
Part II: Heron Action plans, research and conservation
Review status of species: trends, threats and gaps; King (15 min)
A ction plan priorities and implementation issues; 6 species representatives (55 min)
12:10-14:00 LUNCH
14:00-17:20 Allocation of heron research and conservation efforts, now & future plans; Brzorad (15 min)
Heron Global Action Plan – priority actions and species
I. Review of current action plan; Kushlan (25 min)
II. Breakout discussion groups: identifying important gaps and priorities (75 min)
HSG in Future discussion groups (55 min)
1. Standardization of methodologies
2. Communications
3. HSG objectives
4. Future focus topics
5. Role in fund-raising
Wrap up; Green (10 min)
Friday, September 23
Heron Ecology and Conservation (Chair: Alan Maccarone and Clay Green)
09:50 Ruiz-Guerra, Carlos Prey consumed by wading birds in mangrove swamps of Colombia Caribbean Coast
10:10 Maccarone, Alan D. Intraspecific and intersexual variation in three species of wading birds
10:30 D’Auria, Danielle E. Estimating the breeding populations of Great Blue Herons in Maine: what’s not on our colony list?
10:50 Yanosky, Alberto Potential impacts in heron populations due to scenarios of climate change in South America: focus in Paraguay and bordering countries
11:10 Matsunaga, Katsutoshi Recent trends of the nesting location of Grey Herons in Hokkaido, northern Japan
11:30 Essian, David A. Hydrologic fluctuations influence daily survival rates of small herons and Great Egrets in a subtropical littoral wetlands
11:50 Rylander, Rebekah J. A hop, skip and a jump: the use of long-term banding data to understand movement and survivorship of Reddish Egret in Texas and Mexico
12:10 González, Alieny Clinal variations in dark morph proportion of Reddish Egrets in Cuba
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 Cook, K. L. Range-wide survey of inland wading bird nesting colonies in North Carolina
14:20 Maccarone, Alan D. Foraging microhabitat selection by long-legged wading birds at an artificial weir
14:40 Yanosky, Alberto Impacts of a road construction on waterbird populations and first regional rehabilitation actions at Asuncion Bay Ecological Reserve
15:00 May, Jenna C. The effects of colony structure and nest position on the reproductive success of small herons
15:20 Schwarzer, Amy Development of a survey protocol for monitoring Reddish Egrets in Florida
15:40 Sundar, K. S. Gopi Making a case for long-term monitoring of large waterbirds in agricultural landscapes: preliminary findings from south Asia
16:00 Mohanraj, Sivanantham Diversity of waterbirds in Periyakulam lake Tiruchirappalli District, TamilNadu, Southern India
Durham, Sarah Population Viability of the Reddish Egret (Egretta rufescens) in Texas: An Analysis of Management Actions and Implications
Master, Terry L. Distribution and abundance of egret and night-heron species in Pennsylvania, past and present
McCracken, K. Mitochondrial and Nuclear Phylogenies of the Herons
Andersson, Annika G. Great Egret roosting dynamics along the North Carolina coast
Wong, L. C. Captain Long Term monitoring of egrets and herons in Hong Kong (1989 – present)
Mashiko, Miyuki Changes inpopulations of colonial herons and egrets in Japan
Stein, Kristie Survival and movements of Black-crowned Night-Herons in Lake Erie, Ohio
Daigneault, Beau J The correlation between prey item distribution and Reddish Egret (Egretta rufescens) foraging behavior
Weseloh, D. V. Chip Habitat characteristics and seasonal numbers of Great Egrets at 70 roost sites in the area of Southern Ontario, Canada
Scarlett, Todd L. Effects of hydroelectric generation on foraging in Great Blue Herons (Ardea herodias)
Hung, Le Manh Status and Conservation of White-eared Night Heron in Vietnam
Stier, Anna ARGOS tracking to understand the ecology and behavior of Agami Herons
Alvarado, Ghisselle M. Importance of Costa Rican Conservation Areas and IBAs for Ardeidae conservation and management
Walker, Isabelle Seasonal variation of Reddish Egret movement along the Gulf of Mexico